Online configurator for position indicators

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Online configurator for position indicators

Position indicators are tools that make it easy to read off set measurement values directly at a glance. Now, norelem is providing customers with the ability to configure their own position indicators online, using a fast and simple method.

The new online configurator provides options based on the following criteria:

• Spindle pitch
• Decimal point
• Mounting position
• Direction of count
• Colour
• And more...
When configuration is complete, you will receive a unique item number and a product that is tailored perfectly to your needs. You can then place an order for your configured position indicator directly in our online shop.
What makes norelem position indicators stand out is their small structure featuring a very clear display and a fine scale. They are especially suitable for short spindle distances and small shaft diameters, and have a torque support located in a hole on the other side.
Position indicator orange display
Position indicator orange

The online product configurator is available for four product families:

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