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Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653

Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel (A 1).Version:Steel grade 5.8, bright;
Stainless steel, bright.
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 Datasheet 06089 Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653 178 kB


Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653

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06089-03X10steelM31234,52,58 0.43 GBP
06089-03X12steelM31234,52,510 0.47 GBP
06089-03X16steelM31234,52,514 0.55 GBP
06089-04X8steelM41646,53,55 0.54 GBP
06089-04X10steelM41646,53,57 0.59 GBP
06089-04X12steelM41646,53,59 0.59 GBP
06089-04X16steelM41646,53,513 0.62 GBP
06089-04X20steelM41646,53,517 0.72 GBP
06089-05X10steelM5205747 0.73 GBP
06089-05X12steelM5205749 0.73 GBP
06089-05X16steelM52057413 0.77 GBP
06089-05X20steelM52057417 0.88 GBP
06089-05X25steelM52057422 0.92 GBP
06089-05X30steelM52057427 1.01 GBP
06089-06X12steelM6246958 0.98 GBP
06089-06X16steelM62469512 1.02 GBP
06089-06X20steelM62469516 1.06 GBP
06089-06X25steelM62469521 1.15 GBP
06089-06X30steelM62469526 1.34 GBP
06089-06X35steelM62469531 1.43 GBP
06089-06X40steelM62469536 1.55 GBP
06089-08X16steelM830811611 1.34 GBP
06089-08X20steelM830811615 1.43 GBP
06089-08X25steelM830811620 1.56 GBP
06089-08X30steelM830811625 1.73 GBP
06089-08X35steelM830811630 1.91 GBP
06089-08X40steelM830811635 2.12 GBP
06089-10X20steelM10361014814 2.32 GBP
06089-10X25steelM10361014819 2.47 GBP
06089-10X30steelM10361014824 3.02 GBP
06089-10X35steelM10361014829 3.20 GBP
06089-10X40steelM10361014834 3.59 GBP
06089-032X10stainless steelM31234,52,58 0.74 GBP
06089-032X12stainless steelM31234,52,510 0.95 GBP
06089-032X16stainless steelM31234,52,514 1.03 GBP
06089-042X8stainless steelM41646,53,55 0.98 GBP
06089-042X10stainless steelM41646,53,57 1.01 GBP
06089-042X12stainless steelM41646,53,59 1.02 GBP
06089-042X16stainless steelM41646,53,513 1.14 GBP
06089-042X20stainless steelM41646,53,517 1.46 GBP
06089-052X10stainless steelM5205747 1.46 GBP
06089-052X12stainless steelM5205749 1.58 GBP
06089-052X16stainless steelM52057413 1.70 GBP
06089-052X20stainless steelM52057417 1.96 GBP
06089-052X25stainless steelM52057422 2.27 GBP
06089-052X30stainless steelM52057427 2.52 GBP
06089-062X12stainless steelM6246958 2.08 GBP
06089-062X16stainless steelM62469512 2.16 GBP
06089-062X20stainless steelM62469516 2.35 GBP
06089-062X25stainless steelM62469521 2.77 GBP
06089-062X30stainless steelM62469526 3.18 GBP
06089-062X35stainless steelM62469531 4.64 GBP
06089-062X40stainless steelM62469536 4.76 GBP
06089-082X16stainless steelM830811611 3.10 GBP
06089-082X20stainless steelM830811615 3.52 GBP
06089-082X25stainless steelM830811620 3.97 GBP
06089-082X30stainless steelM830811625 4.82 GBP
06089-102X20stainless steelM10361014814 5.27 GBP
06089-102X25stainless steelM10361014819 5.64 GBP
06089-102X30stainless steelM10361014824 6.05 GBP
06089-102X40stainless steelM10361014834 7.73 GBP
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