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DescriptionMaterial, version:Screw high-carbon steel, grade 10.9, black.
Ball hardened and bright ball-bearing steel or POM.
Note:Surfaces which are not flat and parallel can be firmly clamped or supported with Form B, C or F with flattened ball, the movable ball can adapt itself up to 9°.
Longer versions have been specially designed to glue in, allowing mechanical connecting elements with external thread to be made cost-effectively for small and medium-sized series.
Drawing reference:
Form B: steel ball
Form C: POM ball
Form F: steel ball diamond grip
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 07110 Ball-end thrust screws without head with flattened ball 146 kB


Ball-end thrust screws without head with flattened ball

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Order No.FormD1D3L2Ball ØSWLoad rating
max. kN
(static load only)
07110-2046BM41,45,82,523,5 2.93 GBP
07110-2048BM41,47,82,523,5 2.93 GBP
07110-20410BM41,49,82,523,5 2.96 GBP
07110-20412BM41,411,82,523,5 2.96 GBP
07110-20416BM41,415,82,523,5 2.99 GBP
07110-2058BM527,632,54,5 2.99 GBP
07110-20510BM529,632,54,5 2.99 GBP
07110-20512BM5211,632,54,5 3.11 GBP
07110-20516BM5215,632,54,5 3.11 GBP
07110-20520BM5219,632,54,5 3.24 GBP
07110-20525BM5224,632,54,5 3.24 GBP
07110-20610BM6310,1439 2.91 GBP
07110-20612BM6312,1439 2.91 GBP
07110-20616BM6316,1439 2.91 GBP
07110-20620BM6320,1439 2.91 GBP
07110-20625BM6325,1439 2.94 GBP
07110-20650BM6350,1439 3.00 GBP
07110-20660BM6360,1439 3.08 GBP
07110-20680BM6380,1439 3.87 GBP
07110-20810BM84,110,35,5410 3.21 GBP
07110-20812BM84,112,35,5410 3.21 GBP
07110-20816BM84,116,35,5415 3.21 GBP
07110-20820BM84,120,35,5415 3.21 GBP
07110-20825BM84,125,35,5415 3.24 GBP
07110-20830BM84,130,35,5415 3.24 GBP
07110-20850BM84,150,35,5415 3.26 GBP
07110-20860BM84,160,35,5415 3.26 GBP
07110-20880BM84,180,35,5415 3.32 GBP
07110-21012BM105,612,37520 3.68 GBP
07110-21016BM105,616,37520 3.68 GBP
07110-21020BM105,620,37520 3.68 GBP
07110-21025BM105,625,37520 3.71 GBP
07110-21035BM105,635,37520 3.89 GBP
07110-21216BM12716,28,5630 4.92 GBP
07110-21220BM12720,28,5630 4.95 GBP
07110-21230BM12730,28,5630 5.55 GBP
07110-21240BM12740,28,5630 5.94 GBP
07110-21620BM1610,72012860 7.83 GBP
07110-21625BM1610,72512860 8.01 GBP
07110-21635BM1610,73512860 8.58 GBP
07110-21650BM1610,75012860 9.38 GBP
07110-22030BM2013,530151090 14.10 GBP
07110-22040BM2013,540151090 14.28 GBP
07110-22060BM2013,560151090 14.85 GBP
07110-22435BM2415,8351812120 18.99 GBP
07110-22450BM2415,8501812120 19.88 GBP
07110-22480BM2415,8801812120 22.50 GBP
07110-41012FM106127520 15.44 GBP
07110-41016FM106167520 15.44 GBP
07110-41025FM106257520 15.44 GBP
07110-41035FM106357520 15.60 GBP
07110-41216FM127,2168,5630 16.77 GBP
07110-41220FM127,2208,5630 16.77 GBP
07110-41230FM127,2308,5630 17.07 GBP
07110-41240FM127,2408,5630 17.22 GBP
07110-41620FM1610,72012860 19.56 GBP
07110-41625FM1610,72512860 19.56 GBP
07110-41635FM1610,73512860 19.88 GBP
07110-41650FM1610,75012860 20.01 GBP
07110-70410CM41,89,92,520,3 3.05 GBP
07110-70412CM41,811,92,520,3 3.05 GBP
07110-70416CM41,815,92,520,3 2.93 GBP
07110-7046CM41,85,92,520,3 3.05 GBP
07110-7048CM41,87,92,520,3 3.05 GBP
07110-70510CM52,19,832,50,5 2.93 GBP
07110-70512CM52,111,832,50,5 2.99 GBP
07110-70516CM52,115,832,50,5 2.99 GBP
07110-70520CM52,119,832,50,5 2.99 GBP
07110-70525CM52,124,832,50,5 3.05 GBP
07110-7058CM52,17,832,50,5 2.93 GBP
07110-70610CM6310,3430,9 2.79 GBP
07110-70612CM6312,3430,9 2.79 GBP
07110-70616CM6316,3430,9 2.79 GBP
07110-70620CM6320,3430,9 2.84 GBP
07110-70625CM6325,3430,9 2.84 GBP
07110-70810CM84,210,45,541,5 3.05 GBP
07110-70812CM84,212,45,541,5 3.05 GBP
07110-70816CM84,216,45,541,5 3.05 GBP
07110-70820CM84,220,45,541,5 3.12 GBP
07110-70825CM84,225,45,541,5 3.12 GBP
07110-70830CM84,230,45,541,5 3.17 GBP
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