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DescriptionMaterial:Spring steel or 1.4122 stainless steel.Version:Phosphated spring steel.
Bright stainless steel.
Note:DIN 472 circlips are retaining rings which are mounted in a groove in a bore. They can withstand high axial forces between machine elements (e.g. bearings) and the groove in the ID in which the ring is mounted.Drawing reference:
1) installation space
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 Datasheet 07331 Circlips for bores DIN 472 162 kB


Circlips for bores DIN 472

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07331-080800steel2,41,188,48,7310,90,8 0.12 GBP
07331-091000steel2,51,399,49,83,710,90,8 0.12 GBP
07331-101000steel3,21,41010,410,83,31,21,11 0.12 GBP
07331-121000steel3,41,71212,5134,91,51,11 0.12 GBP
07331-141000steel3,71,91414,615,16,21,71,11 0.15 GBP
07331-151000steel3,721515,716,27,21,71,11 0.15 GBP
07331-161000steel3,821616,817,381,71,11 0.17 GBP
07331-171000steel3,92,11717,818,38,81,71,11 0.18 GBP
07331-181000steel4,12,2181919,59,421,11 0.18 GBP
07331-191000steel4,12,2192020,510,421,11 0.18 GBP
07331-201000steel4,22,3202121,511,221,11 0.20 GBP
07331-221000steel4,22,5222323,513,221,11 0.24 GBP
07331-241200steel4,42,62425,225,914,821,31,2 0.29 GBP
07331-251200steel4,52,72526,226,915,521,31,2 0.33 GBP
07331-261200steel4,72,82627,227,916,121,31,2 0.38 GBP
07331-281200steel4,82,92829,430,117,921,31,2 0.38 GBP
07331-301200steel4,833031,432,119,921,31,2 0.41 GBP
07331-321200steel5,43,23233,734,420,62,51,31,20.48 GBP
07331-351500steel5,43,4353737,823,62,51,61,5 0.63 GBP
07331-381500steel5,53,7384040,826,42,51,61,5 0.66 GBP
07331-401750steel5,83,94042,543,527,82,51,851,75 1.08 GBP
07331-451750steel6,24,34547,548,5322,51,851,75 1.13 GBP
07331-471750steel6,44,44749,550,533,52,51,851,75 1.47 GBP
07331-502000steel6,54,6505354,236,32,52,152 1.49 GBP
07331-552000steel6,85555859,240,72,52,152 1.58 GBP
07331-602000steel7,35,4606364,244,72,52,152 1.67 GBP
07331-752500steel7,86,6757879,558,632,652,5 2.39 GBP
07331-080801stainless steel2,41,188,48,7310,90,8 0.38 GBP
07331-091001stainless steel2,51,399,49,83,710,90,8 0.45 GBP
07331-101001stainless steel3,21,41010,410,83,31,21,11 0.48 GBP
07331-121001stainless steel3,41,71212,5134,91,51,11 0.53 GBP
07331-141001stainless steel3,71,91414,615,16,21,71,11 0.56 GBP
07331-151001stainless steel3,721515,716,27,21,71,11 0.59 GBP
07331-161001stainless steel3,821616,817,381,71,11 0.63 GBP
07331-171001stainless steel3,92,11717,818,38,81,71,11 0.69 GBP
07331-191001stainless steel4,12,2192020,510,421,11 0.75 GBP
07331-201001stainless steel4,22,3202121,511,221,11 0.78 GBP
07331-221001stainless steel4,22,5222323,513,221,11 0.96 GBP
07331-241201stainless steel4,42,62425,225,914,821,31,2 1.11 GBP
07331-251201stainless steel4,52,72526,226,915,521,31,2 1.19 GBP
07331-261201stainless steel4,72,82627,227,916,121,31,2 1.23 GBP
07331-281201stainless steel4,82,92829,430,117,921,31,2 1.28 GBP
07331-301201stainless steel4,833031,432,119,921,31,2 1.32 GBP
07331-321201stainless steel5,43,23233,734,420,62,51,31,2 1.38 GBP
07331-351501stainless steel5,43,4353737,823,62,51,61,5 1.43 GBP
07331-381501stainless steel5,53,7384040,826,42,51,61,5 1.64 GBP
07331-401751stainless steel5,83,94042,543,527,82,51,851,75 1.79 GBP
07331-451751stainless steel6,24,34547,548,5322,51,851,75 2.10 GBP
07331-502001stainless steel6,54,6505354,236,32,52,152 2.16 GBP
07331-552001stainless steel6,85555859,240,72,52,152 2.22 GBP
07331-602001stainless steel7,35,4606364,244,72,52,152 2.69 GBP
07331-752501stainless steel7,86,6757879,558,632,652,5 5.64 GBP

Information about this article

Circlips from norelem are often used as retaining elements for ball bearings. When used for this they can be exposed to heavy forces. The circlips are fitted into grooves cut into shafts or bores. DIN 471 circlips are for shafts, DIN 472 circlips are for bores. Circlips are fitted using circlip pliers. Any forces applied by the machine component are transferred to the groove wall. Circlips save money and setup times.

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