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DescriptionMaterial:Form A:
tool steel, material hardness 58–62 HRC.
The surfaces are fine ground.
Form B:
free-cutting steel with PTFE coating.
The glide coating is self-lubricating.
Note for ordering:A guide length of 300 mm and a travel of 100 mm is required for a complete guide with rail size 6:

2 x 21054-1060300
2 x 21054-2060200

(include length L e.g. 300 for L=300 mm)
Note:When lubricated and under normal conditions, speeds of up to 15 m/min. can be achieved.
Depending on the lubricant, the coefficient of friction can be calculated as 0.04–0.08.
Standard slideway lubricants are applied.
The longitudinal guides are used for moving, machining and positioning tasks.
Application:- Industry automation
- Machine tools
- Special machinery
- Tool fixtures
- Metrology equipment
Temperature range:-40 °C to +80 °C.Advantages:- Stick-slip free movement
- Very good dry-running properties
- Highly wear-resistant
- Very good vibration damping
- Resistant to dirt, shock and impact
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 21054 Guide rails Teflon-coated 179 kB


Guide rails Teflon-coated

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Order No.FormB

21054-1020030A1272,57,5M32,554,40,562,1307,51x15120 49.21 GBP
21054-2020030B1272,57,5M32,554,40,562,1307,51x15120 74.46 GBP
21054-1020045A1272,57,5M32,554,40,562,1457,52x15180 71.74 GBP
21054-2020045B1272,57,5M32,554,40,562,1457,52x15180 90.80 GBP
21054-1020060A1272,57,5M32,554,40,562,1607,53x15240 94.25 GBP
21054-2020060B1272,57,5M32,554,40,562,1607,53x15240 107.16 GBP
21054-1030050A1893,510,8M43,360,683,15012,51x25142 29.60 GBP
21054-2030050B1893,510,8M43,360,683,15012,51x25142 38.13 GBP
21054-1030075A1893,510,8M43,360,683,17512,52x25213 34.33 GBP
21054-2030075B1893,510,8M43,360,683,17512,52x25213 47.04 GBP
21054-1030100A1893,510,8M43,360,683,110012,53x25285 43.59 GBP
21054-2030100B1893,510,8M43,360,683,110012,53x25285 57.20 GBP
21054-1030125A1893,510,8M43,360,683,112512,54x25356 54.11 GBP
21054-2030125B1893,510,8M43,360,683,112512,54x25356 67.37 GBP
21054-1030150A1893,510,8M43,360,683,115012,55x25427 61.02 GBP
21054-2030150B1893,510,8M43,360,683,115012,55x25427 85.18 GBP
21054-1060100A3116619,3M65,3101155,2100251x50684 56.12 GBP
21054-2060100B3116619,3M65,3101155,2100251x50684 72.28 GBP
21054-1060150A3116619,3M65,3101155,2150252x501026 72.28 GBP
21054-2060150B3116619,3M65,3101155,2150252x501026 92.79 GBP
21054-1060200A3116619,3M65,3101155,2200253x501368 92.98 GBP
21054-2060200B3116619,3M65,3101155,2200253x501368 113.51 GBP
21054-1060250A3116619,3M65,3101155,2250254x501710 113.32 GBP
21054-2060250B3116619,3M65,3101155,2250254x501710 134.75 GBP
21054-1060300A3116619,3M65,3101155,2300255x502052 134.21 GBP
21054-2060300B3116619,3M65,3101155,2300255x502052 158.71 GBP
21054-1060350A3116619,3M65,3101155,2350256x502394 161.08 GBP
21054-2060350B3116619,3M65,3101155,2350256x502394 188.86 GBP
21054-1060400A3116619,3M65,3101155,2400257X502736 181.24 GBP
21054-2060400B3116619,3M65,3101155,2400257X502736 220.65 GBP
21054-1060500A3116619,3M65,3101155,2500259x503420 227.18 GBP
21054-2060500B3116619,3M65,3101155,2500259x503420 298.38 GBP
21054-1090200A4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2200501x1002390 114.06 GBP
21054-2090200B4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2200501x1002390 125.67 GBP
21054-1090300A4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2300502x1003586 150.56 GBP
21054-2090300B4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2300502x1003586 178.88 GBP
21054-1090400A4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2400503x1004781 191.95 GBP
21054-2090400B4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2400503x1004781 248.26 GBP
21054-1090500A4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2500504x1005976 233.00 GBP
21054-2090500B4423,5928M86,8111,2226,2500504x1005976 299.47 GBP
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