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Rim flanges, steel.
Version:Aluminium bright.
Rim flanges, electro zinc-plated.
Note:Standard T-profile to DIN 7721 T2 with metric pitch (trapezoidal toothing). At least one toothed belt pulley must have rim flanges. The toothed belt pulleys have a centre or pilot hole.
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 Datasheet 22002_10 Toothed belt pulleys, T10 profile 189 kB


Toothed belt pulleys, T10 profile

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FormNo. of
22002-101612profile T10for belt width 16 mmA1238,2281636,35422131 5.37 GBP
22002-101614profile T10for belt width 16 mmA1444,56321842,7482131 6.56 GBP
22002-101615profile T10for belt width 16 mmA1547,75321845,9512131 6.76 GBP
22002-101616profile T10for belt width 16 mmA1650,93352049,05542131 6.95 GBP
22002-101618profile T10for belt width 16 mmA1857,29402255,45602131 8.00 GBP
22002-101619profile T10for belt width 16 mmA1960,48442258,6662131 8.91 GBP
22002-101620profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2063,66462461,8662131 9.58 GBP
22002-101622profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2270,03522868,15752131 9.63 GBP
22002-101624profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2476,39583074,55832131 10.76 GBP
22002-101625profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2579,58603077,7832131 10.86 GBP
22002-101626profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2682,76603080,9872131 12.08 GBP
22002-101627profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2785,95603084,1912131 13.29 GBP
22002-101628profile T10for belt width 16 mmA2889,13603087,25932131 13.35 GBP
22002-101630profile T10for belt width 16 mmA3095,49603093,65972131 15.93 GBP
22002-101632profile T10for belt width 16 mmA32101,8665321001062131 17.33 GBP
22002-101636profile T10for belt width 16 mmA36114,597035112,751192131 20.48 GBP
22002-101640profile T10for belt width 16 mmA40127,328040125,451312131 25.47 GBP
22002-101644profile T10for belt width 16 mmB44140,068846138,2-2131 32.29 GBP
22002-101648profile T10for belt width 16 mmB48152,789548150,95-2131 34.60 GBP
22002-101660profile T10for belt width 16 mmB60190,9811060189,1-2131 57.56 GBP
22002-102512profile T10for belt width 25 mmA1238,2281636,35423040 6.30 GBP
22002-102514profile T10for belt width 25 mmA1444,56321842,7483040 7.81 GBP
22002-102515profile T10for belt width 25 mmA1547,75321845,9513040 8.03 GBP
22002-102516profile T10for belt width 25 mmA1650,93352049,05543040 8.08 GBP
22002-102518profile T10for belt width 25 mmA1857,29402255,45603040 9.58 GBP
22002-102519profile T10for belt width 25 mmA1960,48442258,6663040 10.76 GBP
22002-102520profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2063,66462461,8663040 11.56 GBP
22002-102522profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2270,03522868,15753040 11.65 GBP
22002-102524profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2476,39583074,55833040 13.12 GBP
22002-102525profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2579,58603077,7833040 13.23 GBP
22002-102526profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2682,76603080,9873040 14.65 GBP
22002-102527profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2785,95603084,1913040 16.19 GBP
22002-102528profile T10for belt width 25 mmA2889,13603087,25933040 16.28 GBP
22002-102530profile T10for belt width 25 mmA3095,49603093,65973040 19.44 GBP
22002-102532profile T10for belt width 25 mmA32101,8665321001063040 21.23 GBP
22002-102536profile T10for belt width 25 mmA36114,597035112,751193040 25.05 GBP
22002-102540profile T10for belt width 25 mmA40127,328040125,451313040 31.25 GBP
22002-102544profile T10for belt width 25 mmB44140,068846138,2-3040 39.87 GBP
22002-102548profile T10for belt width 25 mmB48152,789548150,95-3040 42.80 GBP
22002-102560profile T10for belt width 25 mmB60190,9811060189,1-3040 70.81 GBP
22002-103218profile T10for belt width 32 mmA1857,29402255,45603747 10.76 GBP
22002-103219profile T10for belt width 32 mmA1960,48442258,6663747 12.09 GBP
22002-103220profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2063,66462461,8663747 13.02 GBP
22002-103222profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2270,03522868,15753747 13.12 GBP
22002-103224profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2476,39583074,55833747 14.80 GBP
22002-103225profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2579,58603077,7833747 14.92 GBP
22002-103226profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2682,76603080,9873747 16.59 GBP
22002-103227profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2785,95603084,1913747 18.27 GBP
22002-103228profile T10for belt width 32 mmA2889,13603087,25933747 18.39 GBP
22002-103230profile T10for belt width 32 mmA3095,49603093,65973747 22.02 GBP
22002-103232profile T10for belt width 32 mmA32101,8665321001063747 24.16 GBP
22002-103236profile T10for belt width 32 mmA36114,597035112,751193747 28.62 GBP
22002-103240profile T10for belt width 32 mmA40127,328040125,451313747 35.81 GBP
22002-103244profile T10for belt width 32 mmB44140,068846138,2-3747 45.74 GBP
22002-103248profile T10for belt width 32 mmB48152,789548150,95-3747 49.19 GBP
22002-103260profile T10for belt width 32 mmB60190,9811060189,1-3747 81.05 GBP

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