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DescriptionMaterial:Inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements, bearing steel.
Cage, steel.
Version:Series 302
Series 303
Series 320 (ISO dimension)
Note:Tapered roller bearings can accept high radial and axial loads. Axial loads are absorbed in only one direction. For axial counter support a second bearing mounted inverse is required. Suitable for medium speeds.

The bearings are separable. This means the bearing parts can be fitted independently of each other. The bearings are supplied without seals. They can be lubricated with grease or oil from the side.

The main dimensions of the tapered roller bearings conform to DIN ISO 355 and DIN 720. Dimensional and running tolerances correspond to tolerance class PN acc. to DIN 620. These tolerance classes are standard and are well suited for most applications.
Temperature range:-30 °C to +120 °C.On request:Other dimensions and versions.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 23825 Tapered roller bearing FAG single row 460 kB


Tapered roller bearing FAG single row

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Order No.AbbreviationVersion

load rating
load rating
Speed limit
23825-10150421330302-ASeries 3031542131114,2511230002050021000 16.50 GBP
23825-00170401230203-ASeries 3021740121113,2511185001780021000 13.34 GBP
23825-10170471430303-ASeries 3031747141215,2511275002450018200 16.54 GBP
23825-30200421532004-XSeries 320 (ISO dimensions)20421512150,60,6240002850018200 16.80 GBP
23825-00200471430204-ASeries 3022047141215,2511270002700016800 14.57 GBP
23825-10200521530304-ASeries 3032052151316,251,51,5340003250015400 16.79 GBP
23825-30250471532005-XSeries 320 (ISO dimensions)25471511,5150,60,6265003350015400 16.64 GBP
23825-10250621730305-ASeries 3032562171518,251,51,5470004550012600 20.42 GBP
23825-30300551732006-XSeries 320 (ISO dimensions)305517131711385004650012600 19.08 GBP
23825-00300621630206-ASeries 3023062161417,2511435004800011900 17.74 GBP
23825-10300721930306-ASeries 3033072191620,751,51,5600006100010500 25.16 GBP
23825-30350621832007-XSeries 320 (ISO dimensions)356218141811455005700011200 20.53 GBP
23825-00350721730207-ASeries 3023572171518,251,51,554000590009800 22.11 GBP
23825-10350802130307-ASeries 3033580211822,7521,573000750009400 29.99 GBP
23825-30400681932008-XASeries 320 (ISO dimensions)40681914,5191153000710009800 23.61 GBP
23825-00400801830208-ASeries 3024080181619,751,51,561000670008800 26.61 GBP
23825-10400902330308-ASeries 3034090232025,2521,5910001020007800 36.87 GBP
23825-30450752032009-XASeries 320 (ISO dimensions)45752015,5201161000860008800 27.07 GBP
23825-10451002530309-ASeries 30345100251827,2521,5960001080006700 46.97 GBP
23825-30500802032010-XSeries 320 (ISO dimensions)50802015,5201164000930007800 32.33 GBP
23825-10501102730310-ASeries 30350110272329,252,521300001480006300 57.21 GBP
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