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Over the Atlantic in their own boat

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  • Over the Atlantic in their own boat
Sailing Team Darmstadt
Over the Atlantic in their own boat
Mr Banker (2nd Executive) who or what is the Darmstadt Sailing Team?
Our team was formed in 2009 at the Technical University in Darmstadt. The Sailing Team is an interdisciplinary group of roughly 40 students and alumni. The fields of activity cover energy supply, autonomous navigation, electronics developement, control technology, mechanics and software.
We have a major goal: we want to design and build a sailing boat that can cross the Atlantic Ocean, unmanned and energy self-sufficient.
Those are very ambitious objectives. How do you expect to achieve them?
Our 40 team members all have know-how in different fields. Every team member is expected to lend their knowledge and competence to the project and so carry us all further towards success. In this way, we continually improve ourselves. Additionally, in the last few years we have managed to gain considerable experience. Especially in the fields of autonomous navigation developement we have made giant leaps forward.
What successes have the Sailing Team had in the past?
Our first prototype, a 110 cm long model boat was sent out into the Atlantic at the 2013 World Robotics Sailing Championships in France. It sailed 7 km on its own, which was a great success with the technology then available. The boat navigated independently to GPS coordinates. It also mastered all tasks alone for which, normally a person must be on board for.
What is the team working on now?
Since 2015 we have been working on a larger successor model. We hope to be able to launch it for the first time in the spring of 2018. There are a lot of challenges and much to do between now and then. The tasks include the design of the hull, the developement of circuit boards and software, the further developement of the autonomous navigation and the imperative failsafe performance. We develope, design and manufacture almost all parts of the four metre boat ourselves.
And this time, we will not be satisfied with sailing 7 km. We are going to send this model over the Atlantic.
What drew your attention to norelem as a sponsor?
We bacame aware of you through an internet research.
Where will the products from norelem be used?

By the individually designed test stands for building our boats, for example. For these we require the modular aluminium profile construction systems from norelem. Because of the quick and flexible assembly possibilities, these suit our requirements perfectly. As luck would have it, norelem also supply compatible connection sets, slot keys, joints and other products, so that we can easily get all parts from one supplier.

Learn more about the Sailing Team Darmstadt in the internet at or on Facebook

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