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Projektseminar BLOWMASTER

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TU Ilmenau: BLOWMASTER Project Seminar
How Film is Made from Plastic Granulate
Within the context of the Master's programme at the Technical University of Ilmenau five Mechanical Engineering students are designing and building a scaled model blown film system. But this system has the properties and specifications of an original machine.
Unlike the machines in the industrial sector the system put together in the Plastics Technology department has substantially less installation space (2m x 2.5m x 1m), yet it commands a wide range of possibilities for film manufacturing.
The system consists of several components geared specifically to its operation. First is the extruder used to melt the plastic granulate fed into it. At a pressure of up to 500 bar the melted plastic is delivered to the extrusion die. In the die which is also called a tube die in this type of system the metered plastic melt is pressed through a flexible annulus. To ensure the film's uniformity the tube die is set to rotate.
The film tower connects itself to the die. The tower consists of an open section for cooling the film tube, the calibration basket, the lay-flat and the deflasher.
Projektseminar BLOWMASTER der TU Ilmenau
Cooing is effected via forced convection by the use of radial blower fans. The air flow produces a vacuum by which means the film tube is stretched and thus "blown up".
The calibration basket ensures that the tube is centrally positioned in the film tower and at the same time is used to set the diameter of the tube.
The lay-flat sees to it that the film tube is folded at a specific angle that can be set in advance, without creases forming in the film.
The deflasher folds the film between two drums at a predefined pressure. At the same time these drums ensure that the film is removed at an adjustable speed.
Blasfolienextrusionsanlage im Modellmaßstab
A number of rollers come after the deflasher; they align the film before it is rolled up on a reel, the so-called bobbin. Film thickness gauging is integrated in this roller system.
Thanks to its flexible setting options the Plastics Technology department's blown film system is capable of producing a wide range of film sizes from different plastics.
The modular style makes it possible to assemble and dismantle the system quickly. While being designed, it was made sure that the system does not exceed the permissible maximum weight or the dimensions of conventional light lorries.
The applicable safety regulations that permit anyone to operate the system after brief training were also taken into account.
Thanks to this configuration the TU Ilmenau blown film system is just as good as the big industrial systems. Moreover, the system is ideally suited for research and teaching purposes and at the same time exhibits major illustrative attributes, which is why the system is used at trade shows too.
norelem offers its congratulations on the successful BLOWMASTER project.
norelem in the project:

» Fasteners with movable hook clamp 05550-1421122

» Flat knobs with external thread 06237-08014

» Shoulder screws with slotted flat head DIN 923 07530-06

» Conical clamping rings, form D 23354-1528

» Conical clamping rings, form D 23354-2240

» Loose bearing units in block version 24078-020

» Gas springs 26200-0615120X100

» Joint eyes 27618-0508116

» Round and square tubes 29050

» Joint components 31152-0712

» Joint components 31154-1208

» Dial gauge DIN 878 32540-012

In addition socket head screws, hexagon nuts, circlips, parallel keys and washers in many different versions.
Team des Projektseminars BLOWMASTER der TU Ilmenau
The Team
from left to right: Erik Gerhardt, Hans-Martin Zschoche (rear), Prof. Michael Koch, Florian Jünger, Rico Grinke, Christian Simon (rear), Matthias Düngen (advisor)
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